Modular Construction

Modular building construction, unlike traditional construction methods, uses individual, prefabricated modules that are factory constructed and then later brought onto site and field installed. This construction technique uses an assembly-line production process to limit construction times, minimize material waste and save on project costs. For this reason, a number of our clients have found benefit in its use for their buildings. A few of the key benefits are listed below as well as some projects in the works.

Quality Control

Modular construction is completed in a climate-controlled environment. A majority of the work, other than field install, is sheltered from the elements and in a secure facility. This provides the owner and contractor with a peace of mind as delays due to weather or theft is limited. The climate-controlled environment also limits imperfections in materials, such lumber warping, as the products stored benefit from the controlled process of construction as well.

Expediency in Construction & Cost Savings

The use of repetitive and skilled labor techniques in modular construction allow for time savings in the assembly process. Each unit is put together with specialized tools including large-scale lifts and platforms limiting time and labor costs. Weather delays are also not a factor, and project representatives benefit greatly from time savings as “time equals money”. Modular construction has a number of cost benefits not related to scheduling also, including the minimization of material waste with efficient construction.

Sustainable Design

Modular construction limits the large quantities of material waste often seen in traditional construction practices. Often times, materials not used and discarded from one project can be stored and used for the next one due to the nature of the controlled environment. Modular construction also benefits from tighter envelope construction reducing air infiltration,lower heating costs and may also take advantage of the same sustainable construction techniques, such as efficient doors and windows, as traditional construction.

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1935 Park Avenue - Minneapolis, MN

Designed in conjunction with Thor Living and Dynamic Homes, the Apartments at Park and Franklin are believed to be the first in the greater Twin Cities metro to be designed using modular wood-framed construction. Currently under construction, the apartments when finished will provide “attainable housing” just blocks from downtown Minneapolis.

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Future Mixed-Use Apartment Building - N/A

Currently in design and development.

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St. Michael Townhomes - St. Michael, MN

Currently under construction, the St. Michael Townhomes development features multiple, three-level twinhome residences each with lower level two car garages and front patios.

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Proposed Apartments - N/A

Currently in design and development.

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55+ Living Community - N/A

Currently in design and development.

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