ARTEKTA Architects

EagleRidge Plaza Phase I - Fargo, North Dakota

Our Experience

Alongside our teams of highly qualified consultants, Artekta, Inc. has had the pleasure of working with a variety of clientele on a number of architectural typologies including:

  • commercial

  • multi-family residential

  • retail & tenant improvement

  • modular construction

  • industrial

  • institutional

  • civic, state and federal government

  • religious

  • educational


Our Services

  • Planning and Site Analysis

  • Master Planning

  • Cost Estimating

  • Programming

  • Schematic Design

  • Design Development

  • Construction Documentation

  • Specifications

  • Construction Observation

  • Presentation Drawings

  • Architectural Visualization

The Firm

Founded in 2006, Artekta Inc. was developed around the philosophy of providing the utmost care to our clients while delivering a valued product in regards to aesthetics, sustainability, cost and quality. “Commitment from Concept to Completion.” The word Artekta itself was derived as a phonetic and abbreviated version of the words “art”, “technology” and “architectonica” (which is the science of architecture.)

VOSB Certification

Artekta Inc. is recognized and certified by the Department of Veterans Affairs as maintaining Veteran-Owned Small Business status (VOSB).

Green Globes Certified

Artekta Inc.’s principal is Green Globes Certified. Green Globes is an online rating and certification tool that assesses a building’s sustainability through third-party assessment.

Architectural Visualization - Proposed Building

Architectural Visualization - Proposed Building

What started about 18 months ago looking for land and maybe a possibility, will now be a reality. We have the privilege of being able to turn small businesses dreams into reality every day by the loans we make.
Now, with your (Artekta, Inc.) help and hard work, we will be able to make our dream a reality.
— Steve Dusek, President - Dakota Business Lending


Artekta depends on straightforward interaction with the client, so we can optimize the project to meet the needs proactively, creatively and accurately

Problem Solvers

The Artekta team is compromised of individuals who are committed to solving challenges in systematic, realistic and prompt ways. We pride ourselves for reliability, dedication and responsiveness

Creative Thinkers

Artekta, inc. seeks to provide solutions that will improve the project in pragmatic, yet unique, ways.

Experienced Leadership

Artekta, Inc. has confident personnel who are able to foresee and resolve issues with efficiency, consistency and effectiveness